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Visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan

Instructions for Visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan

1. A request for visit to the Rashtrapati Bhavan can be made by on-line Booking system through a link on the website "http://rashtrapatisachivalaya.gov.in/rbtour”. .

2. The visiting days of Rashtrapati Bhavan are as under: .

Circuit 1: Rashtrapati Bhavan Main Building and the Central Lawn will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. .

Circuit 2: The Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum Complex [RBMC] comprising the Clock Tower, the Stables and the Garages will be open on all days except Monday. .

Circuit 3: The Mughal Gardens and other Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhavan will be open from August to March on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. .

3. Timing will be from 9 AM hrs to 4 PM. .

4. Entry to Rashtrapati Bhavan for visit is through Gate No.2 (Rajpath); Gate No.37 (via Dalhousie Road-Hukmi Mai Marg); and Gate No.38 (via Church Road-Brassy Avenue) of Rashtrapati Bhavan. .

5. Indian Citizens are required to carry valid photo ID Cards. In case of foreigners, they should make their request for visit along with photocopies of their passport. On the day of visit, they are required to carry their original passport for identification. .

6. Registration charges of Rs. 50/- per visitor is introduced w.e.f. 25th July 2016. The registration charges are payable online and will be non refundable and non- transferable. .

7. Visitors below the age of 8 years will be exempt from the payment of registration charges. Visitors individually or in a group of less than 30 persons will be charged @ Rs. 50 per visitor per visit. Visitors in a group of 30 persons will be charged Rs. 1200/- (Rs.50x30 less 20% discount) per visit. Visitors in a group of more than 30 persons will be charged Rs.1200/- plus Rs.50 per additional visitor. .

8. Online booking is subject to confirmation through Email /SMS. .

9. For security reasons, President’s Secretariat reserves the right to approve / regret the permission to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan. .

10.The permission to visit the Rashtrapati Bhavan Tourist Circuits is subject to cancellation, as and when deemed necessary by President’s Secretariat. .

11.For any queries and assistance to the visit, please contact the Visitors’ Management Cell: Tel No. :011- 23013287, 23015321 Extn.4662; Fax No. 011- 23015246; Email: reception-officer@rb.nic.in.

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